Here’s what’s going on during the end credit scenes of “Doctor Strange”

There’s never any shortage of discussion when a new Marvel film comes out, and Doctor Strange is no different. But while there are, like, a million things we could talk about the main thing that’s kinda rocking our world right now is the post credit scenes for Doctor Strange, and what they mean. Although, yeah, y’know, let’s get our residual omg Benedict Cumberbatch and omg it looks so dope in 3D feelings out. Okay. We’re done.

Moving on to the end credits — which are always one of the best treats at the end of a movie, but Marvel’s tend to do more than just serve as a tag. They often forward the plot of the series.

There are actually TWO end credit scenes. One we were kinda expecting, since it has been greatly teased over these last few months. Doctor Strange has a meeting with the mighty Thor, who is here on Earth to find his sly and sneaky brother, Loki (oh, so cool, Thor KNOWS Loki is still alive). All this scene really does is set up for Thor: Ragnarok, and it looks like we should expect our boy Benedict to suit up for that Marvel outting, too.

But now this second scene, and the one that’s very important.

We meet Pangborn for only one scene of the Doctor Strange movie, the guy playing New York City street ball who nudges Strange toward his destiny… and he returns for the end credits. This time, he’s attacked by Mordo, which is quite alarming, since Mordo spent the film being Strange’s kind of mentor-sidekick-bro, even though he’s a powerful sorcerer in his own right.

Feeling betrayed by Strange and the Ancient One for drawing dark power to maintain her immortality and using the Eye of Agamotto to twist time, respectively, Mordo has had some time alone to stew.

When we see him again in the end credits, he has officially decided that sorcerers only “twist things out of their proper shape.” And that the world has “too many sorcerers.” Eeek.

So, like, odds are Mordo’s not going to be returning as Strange’s pal any time soon. But we’re also pretty into this twist, not just because everybody loves a good-guy-gone-bad story, but also because this is so complex. Mordo isn’t WRONG in his thinking, so whatever mayhem he causes in the next movie, he’s not unjustified, and his feelings are easy to understand.


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