There’s a new trailer for the “Doctor Who” Christmas special and it looks seasonally spooky

Because British television has always been amazing, people are constantly waiting on new releases. Luckily, the Doctor Who Christmas special just released a trailer and it looks dope! Rather than wait any longer, fans got a glimpse at the Doctor and his next adventure. So far, there are still a lot of unknowns but at least we know whats coming!

The teaser trailer is pretty short. Hence the cloud of anticipation it ignited. The 30-second clip opens with the title character proclaiming he is back. And what a relief! Peter Capaldi’s take on the iconic character has been all we can talk about. Now he is back and better than ever.

In the upcoming special, the Doctor teams up with a journalist and a masked vigilante to save the world from impending doom. Due to the shows mythology, mind-altering aliens are the bad guys. Therefore we are all in for a great episode! Penned by prolific writer extraordinaire — Steven Moffat — this Doctor Who Christmas special promises to be awesome.

Sherlock Holmes Is Back Too

Speaking of Steven Moffat, another great show is coming back to the screen. In addition to breathing life back into Doctor Who, Steven is responsible for Sherlock. A show so wonderful it introduced American audiences to the glorious Benedict Cumberbatch.

The highly anticipated series will be back on screen very soon. The last time we saw Sherlock Holmes was in a Christmas special. Because who else can make us scream at our screen quite like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman? No one.

So mark your calendars now, people! The Doctor Who Christmas special will premier on Christmas Day on the BBC. After you are done watching that, it will be a few days until the premier of Sherlock’s fourth season on January 1st, but both shows will come to the US later in the year. No matter what, these holidays will be something to talk about, for sure!