Here are 15 Dr. Martens Outfit Ideas So You Can Stomp Around in Style

These shoes add cool-girl edge to every outfit.

Dr. Martens are indestructible shoes. They can withstand years of wear and tear, transition throughout the changing seasons, and survive ever-evolving fashion trends. Dr. Martens can also be dressed up or down, taking you from work to date night, to brunch, the park, concerts, and anywhere else. Whether you like to play up the nostalgic ’90s vibe or keep your wardrobe more modern, a classic pair of Docs will give any look a cool, statement-making finishing touch. In summary, Dr. Martens outfit possibilities are endless.

However, if you’re new to the chunky-soled shoes, working them into your wardrobe can be a little intimidating at first. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—below, we’ve rounded up 15 ideas for what to wear with Dr. Martens. You can let your shoes do all the talking by wearing minimal, understated clothes, or make them an accent piece to an already playful and funky look. Whether you want to rock the classics, like combat boots and oxfords, or step outside the box with platforms and Mary Janes, keep scrolling for all the outfit ideas you need to style your Docs expertly every time.

How to style Dr. Martens combat boots:

The 1460 Lace Up Boots are by far the most iconic style of Docs. The shoes started out as a work-wear boot in the ’60s before being adopted by punk culture and becoming synonymous with music festivals in the following decades—and there are still so many ways to rock them today.

doc martens combat boots

1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots

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Wear Dr. Martens with a band T-shirt:

With the music history behind these boots, pairing them with a band T-shirt makes perfect sense. Throw on some utilitarian pants or loose jeans, and you’ve got an effortlessly cool look.

Wear Dr. Martens with a preppy sweater:

Since these Docs have such a distinctly edgy look, styling them with preppy patterns makes for a nice contrast. Throw on an argyle sweater, a cable-knit cardigan, or some plaid pants with your boots—you can be the teacher’s pet and the rebel girl at the same time.

Wear Dr. Martens with denim on denim:

Double denim can be hard to pull off, but when styled with a pair of lace-up Docs, the look becomes classic and cool. To recreate the look above, shop the Vegan Jadon Platform Boots in Cherry Red.

dr martens boots

Vegan Jadon II Platform Boots

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Wear Dr. Martens with a midi skirt and a sweater:

Pairing a sweater with a midi skirt makes for a super cute, easy, and cozy outfit. Throw on your Docs to add a bit more personality and edge to the look.

Wear Dr. Martens with an all-black outfit:

You can never go wrong with a black monochrome look. With your Dr. Martens boots on and some classic black staples, like a solid turtleneck or long peacoat, you’ll look crisp, clean, and cool as hell.

Wear Dr. Martens with a leather blazer:

Combine your Docs with a trendy leather blazer, some slacks, and a basic tank or T-shirt—you’ll have the ultimate ’90s it-girl look.

Wear Dr. Martens with an oversized coat:

Want the quickest route to an effortlessly cool Dr. Martens outfit? Throw on an oversized coat, pair it with your boots, and call it a day. You can wear pretty much anything you want underneath (sweats, jeans, leggings) and still make a fashion statement.

Shop more Dr. Martens styles below:

1. Dr. Martens Oxfords

Dr. Martens oxfords can be added into any outfit that you might typically wear with chunky sneakers for a more put-together, and still edgy, look.

dr martens oxfords

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2. Dr. Martens Chelsea boots

Dr. Martens Chelsea boots can be dressed up or down. You can go for sleek and professional, pairing them with a blazer and a turtleneck, or keep it casual with jeans and a sweatshirt.

dr. martens chelsea boots

2976 Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots

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3. Dr. Martens Mary Janes

Dr. Martens Mary Janes are great for adding a vintage-inspired touch to any outfit. Pair them with neutral basics for a sophisticated and minimal look, or throw on some bright colors to make it playful and fun.

mary jane dr martens

8065 Smooth Leather Mary Jane Shoes

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4. Dr. Martens white boots

If you’re all about making a statement, these white Dr. Martens are the perfect shoe choice. Head here for more white boot outfit ideas and more options to shop.

dr martens white combat boots

1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform Boots

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No matter your personal style, there are so many ways to pull off Dr. Martens. So, just have fun with it and stomp around to your own beat.

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