Doc Brown has a message to send on ‘Back to the Future’ Day

The day has finally arrived: it’s Back to the Future Day! We’ve been waiting for this day ever since Marty McFly and Doc Brown jumped into their DeLorean and headed off to a place where they don’t need roads. 30 years in the future we do actually still need roads, but that’s OK. There’s no way Back to the Future II could have predicted everything.

Our favorite scientists, Doc, knows that better than anyone else. He’s jumped all around in time and seen it change here and there. Lucky for us, he’s come from whatever year he’s currently in to deliver one very special message via YouTube about the future, and it’s that no matter how often you have to go back in time to fix something, the future can always change. And that’s a good thing.

Rolling up on our favorite car — that now has a few more flashing lights — Doc announces that “the future has finally arrived!” Looks a little bit different than what was imagined, but that’s the point. According to Doc, none of our futures have been written yet. That’s because our futures are whatever we make it.

Well, I would like to make mine with a hoverboard, please and thank you.

Check out Doc’s message below, and here’s to making the future a good one.

(Image via Universal)