Do You Suck At Being A Teenage Girl?

I am terrible at it. Seriously, my picture should be a “you had one job” meme. However, it might not be such a bad thing. Are you terrible at it, too?

Here are 5 reasons why we might be that sucky after all.

1. I hate school.

Correction, I love the learning part of school, but the whole group of “friends” thing does not float my boat, if you will. I do have friends, but I met all of them on my own will, not because I was put in four walls and forced to choose the people I liked best. After eight school years of public school, I decided to be homeschooled. I couldn’t bare to think of going to public high school. Now to the positive, you learn more when you actually go to school to learn. Despite many theories that school is a place to learn social skills, get this – it isn’t! When you are older, you are going to have to seek friends, they aren’t going to just appear at your lunch table wanting to talk about the attractive boy on the school bus.

2. I wear what I want.

I don’t care what the latest famous person or popular kid in school is wearing. Some people say I get my taste of style from the lovely Zooey Deschanel and I am flattered, but that’s not true. I choose to wear the clothes I wear because I think they are cute. I see something and I say, “Oh hey, I want that,” and then I buy it. Pros? When people compliment your style you have that feeling that hey, it really is mine. You get to show off your creativity!

3. I like video games because I actually like them.

Yes! Girls, it is true! You don’t have to have a boyfriend who thinks it’s hot to like video games! If you meet an awesome guy who loves video games, you can say you’ve played games other than, Halo and Minecraft. Thus, making you automatically the coolest girl he has ever met. And BOOM you have a friendship.

4. I’ve never wanted to be a cheerleader.

Back when my mom was slightly less cool she had me join a church cheerleading squad. AWFUL. I vowed I’d never hold pompoms again. Of course, because I try to excel in everything I do (whether I like it or not) I didn’t quit and got the most Christian-like award. Not wanting to be a cheerleader comes with many benefits. You lessen your chances of breaking bones or just hurting yourself in general. You avoid drama. You don’t have to worry about getting rejected at try outs. You can spend your time doing something else like rescuing a puppy.

5. I don’t yearn to be in a “relationship”.

Granted, some middle/high school relationships last (my parents for example), but I highly doubt those are the result of a girl dating three different guys each month until she finds “prince charming.” Besides, there are way too many crazy things happening to your body, causing crazy hormones, for you to be trying to be in a relationship. You get more done this way. You have less drama. You save money. The chances of your heart being crushed are a lot lower. You look nice because of YOU, not because of HIM. Need I say more?

Basically, if you are anything like me, I want you to know that you don’t need to change, just be yourself. Even if you are the exact opposite of me, stay that way! If you are a person of rationality, remember the benefits of staying true to yourself and not being like every other snowflake. We are all one of a kind. I am the only me and you are the only you! Embrace that.

Allie is homeschooled. She occasionally works at a military surplus store. She has a slight obsession with hot sauce. She enjoys spending time acting at a small local theater. Allie over thinks everything and likes writing silly songs throughout the day. She takes pictures of her life here and tweets nonsense here.

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