DNA braids are the latest hair trend taking over Instagram

We’ve already seen the popularity of the pipe braid trend, which blew up at Coachella. And thanks to Instagram, we know all about the tie-dye hippie hair trend. Now, DNA braids are taking over the ‘gram. The nickname comes from the hair being twisted into double helix, which is reminiscent of a DNA molecule. So creative!

As Bustle reports, Rhode Island-based hairstylist Alexandra Wilson is behind this mesmerizing braid. If you’re intimidated by this style, you’re in luck. Wilson created a tutorial on how to achieve the DNA braids so we can all master the hairdo. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hair pro or newbie. This is a show-stopping, summer hairstyle for anyone, no matter the hair color. The more vibrant your hair, the more mesmerizing the DNA braids look.

This is going to be your new summer hair goal.

If you want to switch up your hair this season, DNA Braids are a creative and easy option.

The multi-colored hair definitely adds an extra layer of pizzazz and wonder.

Can you imagine rolling up to elementary school with such a sick braid? The other kids would swoon.

This neon yellow hair has a few different braids and twists. It looks like it’s straight from a sci-fi film.

There are endless options on how to style the DNA braid, which we love.

DNA braids are definitely one of the few wearable and easy-to-copy hair trends on Instagram. Plus, we love that it doesn’t require too many tools or expertise. Will you be trying the DNA braids hairstyle out?

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