What’s going to happen to DJ Tanner in ‘Fuller House’?

Maybe you watched Full House as a kid. Maybe you started watching it later in life. Or maybe you’ve never seen it ever and have no intention to. (If you are in the last group you are not experiencing life to its FULLest, IMHO.) But no matter which category you fall into, you’ve probably noticed that the Internet has been buzzing over the new show, Fuller House (a reboot of the original).

The new iteration of the show, helmed by John Stamos, would have been even better with the twins back in their original role (neither of the twins will be a part of Fuller House, sadly!). However, there is no use crying over spilled milk, especially when we have a whole carton in the fridge and it goes by the name of Steve Hale.

I’ll back up, because it’s most likely been a long, long time since you guys have watched Full House. The show had some great key characters who are very important to remember if you are trying to prep for the reboot. We’ve got Kimmy Gibbler, the nutso next door neighbor and BFF to the eldest daughter, DJ (played by Candace Bure, who most recently has been hanging out on the Hallmark Channel as well as The View.)

We’ve got Jesse Katsopolis, played by John Stamos, the hot uncle who every young girl or guy assumed would someday be their husband.

But then there’s the most important of all — Steve Hale. Steve was the first boyfriend, and most serious relationship of DJ Tanner on the long running show. He was dumb and goofy, (a character that I still believe Harvey in Sabrina the Teenage Witch was based off of,) but he was also beautiful and lovable. When we last saw DJ and Steve, they were back together and toootally in love.

All discussion of Netflix’s new show claim that the new run will feature DJ as a widow. But Candace Bure, who played DJ Tanner has all but explicitly said (hinted?), “Don’t worry, Steve didn’t die.”

Umm, THANK GOD. But it does sound like he might be coming back…Hopefully to sweep DJ off of her feet? Bure was pretty coy about the whole thing when talking with Entertainment Weekly last Friday, “Steve makes a few appearances on the show, I can’t say in what capacity… D.J. is widowed, and it’s been a while since her husband passed away. She’s thinking about dating.”

All right Bure, you can be coy all you want, but I’ll just say one thing… Instagram doesn’t lie.

Even if DJ and Steve aren’t getting back together, at least we have this sweet reunion IRL that happened back in October to covet with all the the heart eyes.

(Images via ABC, Instagram)