DJ Earworm just mashed up the biggest songs of 2015 and we’re mesmerized

When December rolls around, our Facebook feeds fill up with year-end round ups highlighting the most popular videos, songs, streams, and musicians of 2015. Fortunately, DJ Earworm, otherwise known as Jordan Roseman, has devised an aural equivalent to all of these year-end round ups with an incredible mashup dubbed “United State of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop)”.

The producer boiled down fifty of the year’s biggest hits into one mesmerizing mix of controlled chaos. What starts with the familiar jingle of Omarion’s “Post To Be,” seamlessly unfolds into a medley of Justin Bieber, Drake, Adele, and Taylor Swift. Just as soon as you start singing along to “Can’t Feel My Face,” you’ll get whisked away to Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me”. Our advice: don’t try to concentrate on too many familiar sounds. Instead, just let the whole thing wash over you while you marvel at DJ Earworm’s mixing mastery.

According to DJ Earworm, the state of pop in 2015 is “a more eclectic mix than it was five years ago…Music has been going through a softer phase than it was a few years ago so there’s that return of adult contemporary. That’s maybe represented by the Ellie Goulding track, it’s very lush and soft. And then there’s sort of retro, uptempo dance stuff, and that’s represented by The Weeknd[‘s] track.”

Check out the mega mashup below.