DIY of the Week: Paper Flower Garland

The local farmer’s market is one of my go-to destinations during the summer. But even with all of the wonderful produce and beautiful local art, my favorite stop at the market is the flower stand. I’m a sucker for fresh flowers—I would put them in every room if I could—and I usually treat myself to a bouquet.

Since summer is nearing its end, I thought I’d create some wilt-proof flowers out of tissue paper and beading wire. I’d been seeing these fluffy, pom-pom style paper flowers pop up on crafting blogs, and decided to try them for myself. These blossoms are incredibly easy to make, and look pleasantly dramatic thanks to their round shape. I strung mine together with cording to make a garland, but you could easily add stems to them to make a bouquet, or scatter them across a tabletop to make a pretty centerpiece.


  • 20-inch by 26-inch light pink tissue paper
  • 20-inch by 26-inch dark pink tissue paper
  • Beading wire
  • Cording or string
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tapestry needle

Craft away:

  • Layer two pieces of the dark pink tissue paper on top of four pieces of the light pink tissue paper.
  • Cut the stacked sheets into six rectangular sections, approximately 8 1/2-inches long by 10-inches wide (they’ll be a little irregular due to the size of the tissue paper sheets).
  • Begin accordion-folding each stack of paper, folding on the short ends of the rectangles. Keep your folds 1/2-inch apart.
  • Remove the dark pink tissue from the stacks and refold the pieces. Cut an inch off of each end of the pieces, and trim the ends into rounded shapes.
  • Replace the dark pink pieces back on top of the light pink pieces. Make sure the dark pink pieces are lined up in the middle, and fold the paper back up along the accordion-pleated lines.
  • Trim the ends of the paper into rounded petal shapes.
  • Cut 5-inch pieces of the beading wire, and wind the wire around the middle of the paper stacks until it is tight. Be careful not to rip your paper!
  • Unfold the two sides of the paper around the wire. Begin separating the layers of paper, starting with the center and working your way out. Don’t worry about keeping your folds sharp—the flowers will have nice volume without the creases.
  • After you’ve unfolded your flowers, measure and cut a 6-foot long piece of the cording.
  • Thread the tapestry needle with the cording, and slide the needle under the wires on each flower to attach them to the string. Space the flowers about one foot apart, and tie a knot around each wire to hold the flowers in place.
  • Loop your garland around a banister or window frame, and imagine yourself in your own little garden!