Freshen up your summer decor with this minimalist DIY watermelon pillow

If you’re looking for a fun, unique piece to add to your summer decor, look no further. With its minimalist look, this DIY watermelon pillow is an adorable addition for any room that needs a little seasonal chic. Even if you’re not an expert at sewing, you can make this bright, fruity pillow: it’s a straightforward craft that uses only a few pieces of fabric. Make this at home and you’ll have a pillow that is one in a melon. Watch the video below for instructions!

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DIY Watermelon Pillow


Pink fabric
Green fabric
Black buttons (8 or so)
Pillow stuffing


1. Cut the pink fabric into a rectangle, and cut the green fabric into another rectangle with the intent that after they are sewn together, they will form a square. The measurements do not have to be exact.
2. Stitch the pink and green rectangles together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other.
3. Sew the black buttons to the pink fabric.
4. Cut another piece of pink fabric the same size as the pink and green square.
5. Place the right sides of the fabric together and stitch around the edge, leaving a 4 inch hole in one corner.
6. Turn the pillow right side out and stuff with pillow stuffing.
7. Stitch the hole on the corner closed.

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