DIY Versace Fringe Necklace

Swinging fringe is an icon of fun, flirty fashion. From ’20s flapper dresses to ’70s hippie swagger, there’s just something about the way it drapes and sways. Versace presented an army of metallic fringed beauties on the Spring/Summer 13 runway—and we just couldn’t get past the long medusa chain necklace.

We saved ourselves a few grand and figured out a way to DIY it. This project is a shimmering stunner, so get going! Pair with a simple tee or tank and let the compliments flow as easy as your fringe.

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15 ft fine pewter chain
25 ft fine gold chain
2 ft medium gold chain
1 ft heavy silver chain
2 yds flat suede cord
Assorted jump rings
Assorted flat beads
Needle and thread
Needle nose pliers
E-600 glue
.31 mm beading wire

How To Make It:
1: Snip chains into 2″-5” pieces
2: String chains on wire, blocking by color
3: Glue wire between suede (tip: let glue get tacky first)
4: Add beads
5: Add medium chains
6: Sew suede around silver chain
7: Let it dry overnight and rock it!

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