This DIY vagina sweater is the perfect feminist piece to complete your spring wardrobe

Here’s a craft you don’t see every day—a DIY vagina sweater. This is the ultimate DIY to get in touch with your feminist, fashion-forward self (labia over labels, amirite?). Make this sweater part of your badass feminist uniform whether you’re on your way to the next women’s march or to an afternoon brunch with your besties. Now, you can wear your vagina proudly on your sleeve.

If you didn’t know that the female anatomy could be a fashion statement, it’s time you put one of these sweaters on and destigmatize half the population’s genitalia. There are so many vagina-inspired outfits out there now (see: Janelle Monáe’s pants from the “Pynk” music video) , so why not be empowered to make your own? Feel free to customize it for how you’d like to celebrate the amazing shapes, sizes, and colors of the different lady bits in the world.

Check out the instructions below.

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DIY Vagina Sweater


Pink fleece fabric (3 different shades, about 1/4 yard of each)
Fabric scissors
Pillow stuffing
Hot glue gun


1. Cut a long strip of fleece for the labia majora. Fold it in half to create a long tube and hot glue to secure. Stuff the labia tube with pillow stuffing and glue the openings and the ends to seal it in.

2. Cut another longer strip of fleece for the labia minora. This one will also be folded, but not stuffed.

3. Trace and cut out a small circle for the clitoris. Hot glue around the edge of the circle to gather it into a sphere, bringing the edges further and further inward. Stuff the clitoris with pillow stuffing.

4. Cut out a rectangle of fleece a little longer than the circumference of the clitoris for the clitoral hood. Fold it in half to create a small tube and hot glue to secure. Stuff the clitoral hood with pillow stuffing.

5. Wrap the clitoral hood around the clitoris and glue in place.

6. Cut out a vaginal opening shape for the front panel out of the darkest pink fleece tracing the neckline of the sweater with the top edge.

7. Glue the front panel to the sweater. Glue the clitoris and clitoral hood to the center top of the sweater.

8. Glue the labia majora to the sweater around the edge of the vaginal opening.

9. Glue the labia minora to the inside of the labia majora pleating the fabric as you go.