This simple DIY will transform your boring composition notebook into a marbled beauty

It’s back-to-school season, and chances are you have a few supplies left over from last year. Instead of buying new journals and notebooks, revamp the ones you already have with this super easy DIY! Simply apply contact paper of your choice to the cover and decorate. This craft is perfect for turning an eyesore into an eyeful. Transform a plain composition book into a marbled beauty!

This DIY could work for folders, planners, pens, or even your laptop cover – the possibilities are endless. We dare you to resist the urge to cover everything in holographic contact paper from now on.

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DIY Upcycled Notebook


Contact paper
Ruler or straight edge


1. Cut out a rectangle of contact paper slightly larger then your notebook. Use a ruler or straight edge to make the edge near the binding straight.
2. Peel the back of the contact paper off and stick it to the notebook.
3. Trim the edges of the contact paper to the size of the notebook.
4. Experiment! Try cutting your contact paper diagonally across the middle or using more than one color for a totally unique look. You’ll never grab someone else’s notebook by mistake again.

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