These DIY T-shirt headbands will banish bad hair days

Become a repurposing queen by turning your old T-shirts into headbands. These woven headbands are perfect for workouts, bad hair days, or just for pulling your hair back in style. They’re a great way to preserve old tees while freeing up space in your wardrobe (for more cute tees, duh). This craft will let you clean out your closet and put your old clothing to sustainable use at the same time.

These no-sew headbands are easier than they look, and they’re completely customizable – use different colors or designs to match any outfit. “Hair’s” nothing like this DIY headband!

T-Shirt Headbands


Hot glue gun


1. Cut the hem off of the bottom of the T-shirt.
2. Cut a 2 inch strip from the bottom of the T-shirt. Cut another of the same or a different T-shirt. Stretch the T-shirt strips. Cut slightly smaller strips if making a headband with two colors in each “rope”.
3. Make a large loop with one strip. These instructions outline how to tie a “sailor knot.”
4. With the other strip, place it under the loop going over one end and under the other. Place the end on the left under the loop and weave the other end over, under, and over.
5. Pull the ends to tighten the knot.
6. Cut a small rectangular scrap of fabric from one of the shirt sleeves.
7. Glue the ends of the sailor knot to the scrap piece, and wrap the scrap around the ends, gluing it in place.