DIY Travel Crafts: Before, During and After Your Trip

Fall is here, and the cooler weather and changing leaves always put me in an especially crafty mood. I find myself wanting to break out the sewing machine and knitting needles, and to (finally) do something with those summer-vacation souvenirs that have been sitting around for months.

Autumn is the time to snuggle up in blankets and warm sweaters and prepare for the cooler days ahead. And in January, when beach vacations and barbecues seem so far away, you’ll be glad you have these crafty reminders of your time in the sun.

But I know some of you smart cookies will be saving money by traveling during the shoulder seasons (Fall and Spring), so I’ve included some pre-vacay crafts, too. Whether you’ve had your fun already and are looking to remember it, or you’re still booking flights and prepping for adventure, here are some cool crafts for every stage of your journey:

Before you go:

Here are two craft ideas to get you excited for your trip.  This travel journal is completely customizable, because you put it together yourself. Want lots of lined paper to record every thought/feeling/impression? No problem. Prefer unlined paper to post pics and ticket stubs? Go crazy.  Stamps, washi tape, glitter…it’s all up to you to create the perfect journal to record your trip. And because you’ll love the journal so much, it’ll make it easier to want to keep up with writing/posting in it during (or after) your trip.

If you have boring black luggage like I (and 90% of the traveling public) do, these luggage tags are a fun way to add some personality (and to make it easier to spot your bag on the carousel).


I love the idea of sending yourself postcards because it’s a great way to capture those little, everyday moments while they’re happening (and then to remember them after you get home). I only wish I’d thought of it before my last trip! I would punch holes in the cards and clip them together with round clips, for an easy-to-show-off flipbook.

After your trip:

Print out some of your favorite photos (or use postcards, ticket stubs, etc), get some large papier-mâché or wooden letters at a craft or hobby store (you could spell out your destination, like “beach” or “Paris”), and glue the photos onto the letters for a cool collage.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always seem to come back from my overseas travels with a bunch of loose change. Rather than stashing my leftover pence in a drawer, sure to be forgotten, I love the ideas below. Let’s turn those coins into art (for your fridge or for your wrist)!

Coin magnets will class up your fridge, and hold up those pics you want to see everyday.

And this one-of-a-kind charm bracelet will remind you (with every jingle) of your travels (and hopefully accompany you on your future adventures).

How do you craft with your travel souvenirs?

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