DIY Three-Strand Bandeau

One of my favorite aspects of the Regency is the fashion! Like I mentioned for the DIY Ribbon Cuff, the period is full of ultra-feminine pieces that are light and airy. I love incorporating inspiration from the era into my daily fashion, and since I can’t walk around in my full-length Regency day gown, I have to find modern ways to wear the style.

A fun and easy way to Regency-up your look is with your hair! Most of Austen’s leading ladies are seen with their hair in beautiful up-dos with delicate tendrils framing their faces. This style was inspired from the ancient Greeks and Romans and was rooted in simplicity. One of the best parts about this style is that it’s meant to look disordered and a little messy! Once your hair is up and secured, it’s time to have a little fun, ladies!

A popular hair accessory was the bandeau (aka a Regency headband); they can be made with ribbon, jewels, flowers, etc. Today’s DIY is an easy bandeau that will instantly transport your look back to the 1800s. This simple three stranded crocheted ribbon bandeau is a quick way to turn a bad hair day completely around!


  1. Crochet ribbon/trim (about 2 yards)
  2. Thin elastic (about 6 inches)
  3. Needle and thread
  4. Scissors


1. Measure the circumference of your head when the hairband would sit.

2. Place ribbon around your head and mark it a few inches below your ear.

3. Cut three pieces of ribbon to that length.

4. Do a little bit of math! Circumference minus ribbon length equals length of stretched elastic. Cut a piece of elastic to this length.

5. Sew the 3 pieces of ribbon (stacked on top of one another) together, at both ends.

6. Sew elastic to both ends.

7. Tease your hair into a messy updo and rock your new hair accessory!

A little inspiration: As I said before, this is the solution to turn a bad hair day around! Grab a few supplies like a comb, hair ties, a few bobby pins, hairspray and your new bandeau. Put your hair up into a messy bun and tease the top. Then, pull a few pieces of hair out in the front and spritz with some hairspray. Slip on your new DIY accessory and you’re totally ready to run into a modern-day Darcy! If you have a little more time, curl some pieces of your hair (including the tendrils in  front) for a more authentic and fancy look. Add some simple makeup, like a little bit of blush and maybe a coat of mascara, and you’ll look just like an Austen heroine!

What are the ways you’ve used the Regency era as inspiration for your look? Let me know!