DIY Stamped Tea Towels

Whenever you think of Regency, you immediately think of the black and white Jane Austen silhouette. This cameo design is a great simple and classic design that has transcended time and is still as stylish as it always was. And you can incorporate it into so many accessories and home décor DIY projects! You’ll definitely see this cameo in future projects, too.

Today’s DIY is a two-in-one! I absolutely love stamps, and there are infinite ways to use them in your projects. Though craft stores have many different designs, sometimes you want something very specific and special to you. There’s an easy way to make your own foam stamps that you can use over and over! I’ve used them for handmade cards, graphic t-shirts, you name it- but today we are going to use them for a very Regency craft: hand-stamped cameo tea towels. Every girl needs a few tea towels on hand, and they are oh-so-British! These flour sack towels are multipurpose: they look so cute hanging up on your oven, and they’re completely functional to clean up messes around your kitchen.


  1. Tea towels (I used Flour Sack Towels from Walmart)
  2. Acrylic paint (I learned the hard way that darker colors look better!)
  3. Fabric Medium (you can find this in all craft stores right by the paint)
  4. Paint roller
  5. Adhesive foam sheet
  6. Small wooden plaque
  7. Exacto knife
  8. Iron


~Make your stamp~

1. Draw out or find a design that you’d like to use – the simpler the lines, the easier the cutting is, as well as the cleaner your final product will be. I chose a simple “Jane Austen Silhouette”.

2. Place your design on top of your foam and cut out with an exacto knife. I used a technique I learned in elementary school: poke holes all the way around the design and then connect the dots to create a smooth cut around the curved areas.

3. Peel the back off the foam piece that you just cut out and attach it to the wood plaque. Using the wood makes it easier for you to apply enough pressure for the print to transfer.

~Mix your paint and prep your surface~

4. Mix your acrylic paint and fabric medium (it’s going to be very fluid, so don’t worry!) in a 2:1 ratio.

5. Cover any hard surface you have (I used a cutting board) with tin foil or wax paper and pour your paint on the surface.

~Stamp Away!~

6. Spread out your towel on a clean surface. If you use the ones I used, the fabric is very thin so you’ll need to put something underneath. A simple bedsheet will do the trick!

7. Use your roller to cover the surface of your stamp and stamp away. Use both hand to apply enough pressure and keep it pressed for 5 seconds. Then, clean up any edges/lighter area with a little paintbrush.

~Heat Seal~

8. Let your paint dry for 24 hours and then heat seal your new towel – this makes it machine washable! Just put a cotton layer (the bead sheet again!) between the iron and your towel before your iron.


9. To add a cute trim, use your favorite ribbon and attach with my go-to-favorite, FabriTac!

10. Use and show off your new tea towels proudly!

A little inspiration: These tea towels make gorgeous gifts for any and every girl in your life! And they are completely customizable, in color, design, and style, so the possibilities are endless. And oh, my, what a perfect accessory for an Austen-themed tea party with your equally hopeless romantic girlfriends! You can drink delicious tea (The absolutely adorable tea company, Bingley’s Teas, is a must-have for any Janeite. Make sure you read the hilarious descriptions of each of the teas. Or, equally fun for tea lovers, make your own blend! I am definitely stocking up on some this holiday season!) and gush about your favorite dashing Austen leading man. I am currently in a heated debate with my sister about Mr. Darcy and Mr. Knightley! What do you think? Which of the 6 fantastic men take the prize? Tweet me or comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!