These DIY sprinkle letters are the perfect affordable gift for any celebration

We love celebrating birthdays—for ourselves and the people we love. But all those birthdays add up, and even though we wish we could buy the perfect gift for everyone, we can’t always afford it. That’s why any great crafter knows the secret to giving gifts is to DIY something special. Luckily, you don’t even have to be a DIY expert to make this project—it’s as simple as can be.

For this DIY sprinkle letters craft, all you need are a stencil, some glue, and (the most important part of all) sprinkles. Use this technique to make a cake topper for your bestie’s birthday, an anniversary card for your partner, or even a giant sign for the surprise party you’re throwing your roommate. Once you’ve mastered sprinkle letters, the possibilities are endless. Watch the video below for instructions.

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DIY Sprinkle Letters


Foam board
X-Acto knife
Decoupage glue
Hot glue
Wooden skewers
Cardstock paper


1. Sketch or print out your letters on a stencil.
2. Tape stencil to foam board, and cut around it with an X-Acto knife.
3. Cover the foam board letters with decoupage glue.
4. Apply sprinkles over the glue and let dry.
5. Touch up with more glue and sprinkles if needed.
6. For the cake topper, hot glue wooden skewers to each side of the sprinkle letters.
7. For a card, use cardstock paper instead of foam board.

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