DIWhyNot: DIY Snakeskin Sneakers

This is the debut of yet another Mr. Kate series! DIWhyNot is all about DIYing old/new/used/unused clothing and accessories into new and current trend-worthy items! Because, why not?! In today’s episode, I’m DIYing some snakeskin sneakers! This technique would be great to do on a bag, or even a pumpkin!

Hope you lovelies do this project and please share pics with #mrkate so I can see!

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Prep It:

  • old white sneakers
  • fishnet stockings
  • fabric paint – in the colors of your choice, I used black, glitter silver and gold on the neutral pair and bright colors for the colorful pair
  • spouncer
  • masking tape
  • paper plate


  1. Shove one shoe down inside the fishnet stocking and make sure your fishnets are pulled taut over the area you’re going to paint. Tape stocking in place to secure. Tip: stuff the inside of your shoe with newspaper to fill it out and make it easier to paint.
  2. Use your spouncer and lightly dab your paint over the fishnets and onto the shoes. (Don’t rub or do a brush motion, just a tapping motion to not move the fishnet around.) I spounced until the spouncer was out of paint to let the pattern naturally fade out.
  3. Repeat step two with as many colors as you like until the entire shoe is covered. Make sure to let each color dry before moving on to avoid muddy, runny colors.
  4. Let dry and wear!


  1. If you want to get the look of the colorful shoes, do the snakeskin pattern (like in step two above) with only one color in sporadic areas around the shoes and let dry.
  2. Lay out various bright-colored fabric paints on your plate and wet your spouncer before dipping it into your fabric paint (this will make it easier to blend) and brush it over the areas you think would benefit from a solid color. Repeat with as many colors as you like. Tip: the watered-down paint wash will allow the underneath snakeskin pattern to show through–or you could reverse the process and do the snakeskin pattern last, after the color wash dries.

Outfit Deets:

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  • Purple lipstick: Stila
  • Red lipstick: Lime Crime
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