This YouTube video of DIY skin care recipes you should NEVER try is so insanely helpful

So we LOVE us some good DIY skin care recipes. Like, seriously, it might be one of our favorite pastimes. But in all honesty, sometimes in our excitement we can forget that not everything DIY is actually good for us (and, in fact, can actively be bad for us)— especially when it comes to putting random ingredients on our faces.

That’s why this YouTube video of DIY skin care recipes you should NEVER try from professional aesthetician Veronica Gorgeois is so incredibly helpful.

We’ve heard about bad DIY skin care recipes and skin care dos and don’ts, but we’ve never had an actual, super thorough breakdown of why certain DIY ingredients, like lemons, or sugar, are bad for our skin. Take a look (the video is about 10 minutes long, but totally worth it if you’re into skin care):

As you can see, Gorgeois — who’s been working as a professional aesthetician for over a decade at high-end medispas in both Los Angeles and New York — debunks a ton of common myths about things like homemade facial scrubs, baking soda, toothpaste, extracting blackheads, mint, sugar, lavender oil, alcohol, and more.

And if you’re starting to panic, wondering if there’s actually anything you can safely put on your face, don’t fret — Gorgeois has got you covered there as well. Check out her video on DIY recipes you should try.

Lives: Changed. Seriously, we feel so much more informed about what’s actually good for our skin! So go forth with your newfound knowledge and CRUSH some DIY skincare guys (because it is almost the weekend, after all).