This DIY rainbow pompom cover-up will be your new beach uniform

Summertime is the best time to be extra creative with your beach attire, so why not create a cover-up of your own? This pompom DIY is perfect to go over any swimsuit and a colorful one-of-a-kind. Next time you head to the beach, you’ll stand out as the rainbow goddess you are.

To make this DIY, you’ll need a few vibrant pompom trims, your favorite colored fabric, fabric tape, and just a couple more materials. This cover-up is made for all of us non-sewing experts, meaning you can use an iron-on fabric tape instead of hand-sewing the neckline. Now throw on your favorite sunnies and you’re all set for your next pool party or daycation on the sand.

Watch the video below to learn how to make this DIY rainbow pompom cover-up.

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DIY Rainbow Pompom Cover-Up


2 yards of fabric
6 yards of pompom trim (1 yard of each color)
1 yard of trim for the neckline
1/2″ iron-on fabric tape
Measuring tape
Iron with steam
Needle and thread (optional)


1. Have a friend help you measure from the top of your shoulder to mid thigh. The length should be around 30-35 inches.
2. Fold the fabric in half and cut to be the shoulder to mid thigh measurement.
3. Fold into quarters and cut into a circle or oval. You can tie 2 markers to a string as a protractor to mark out the circle.
4. Fold the fabric in half the other way and cut out a head hole. You may want to cut a small hole at first to test it out and then mark out the hole while wearing it, or copy the head hole size of another shirt.
5. Follow the instructions on the iron-on tape to fuse the pompom trim to the bottom of the cover up.
6. Use the iron-on tape or hand sew the trim to the neckline.

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