DIY Rainbow Glitter Clock

What makes the world go round? Glitter!!! We’ve been a little glitter happy these days at Mr. Kate – see DIY Glitter Labels – but there are worse problems to have. This clock was a cheap clock from a big box store but with a little spritz and drizzle of glitter, it’s become something totally unique! I chose to do rainbow but you could use whatever colors fit in with your interior space.

Prep it:

  • wall clock
  • spray adhesive
  • white primer spray paint – optional if clock is a dark color
  • different colors of glitter (we found a rainbow pack of these little bags of glitter at the crafts store)


  1. Spray the entire clock with the white primer spray paint – optional step if the clock is already a base color that you like – let dry.
  2. Spray the adhesive evenly and sprinkle the glitter over where you have sprayed – tip: work in little patches so the adhesive stays sticky.
  3. I did each number a different color of glitter, but you can plan whatever layout you want!
  4. Let dry and shake the excess glitter off over a trash can and hang on the wall!
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