This DIY Rainbow Fan will cool you down in the most colorful way

We’ve got you covered and cool this summer with this nifty DIY: During those hot weather days, stay cool indoors with a bright, punchy rainbow fan. It’s the perfect craft to create for your home office or bedroom night table. The colorful swirl will light up any room.

Start with just a mini fan and colorful tape. You can create any pattern you like, from a rainbow design like us, to an ombre color effect. Just like *that*, you’ll have yourself a fan like no other. Next time you’re feeling hot, get inspired with your friends and create this easy DIY.

Don’t sweat the heat: check out the video below to see how to create your very own rainbow fan.

DIY Rainbow Fan 


Desk Fan

Colored removable tape


  1. Remove the grill from the fan.
  2. Stick the colored tape to the fan blades in rainbow order.
  3. Put the fan grill back on.
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