Sleep beneath a rainbow every night with this easy DIY rainbow canopy

Have you ever wanted to sleep under a rainbow? With just a trip to your local craft or fabric store to grab a few yards of tulle, you totally can.

Build yourself this gorgeous rainbow canopy by just double knotting your favorite colors of the rainbow. You’ll sleep better than you ever have in your own little rainbow cove. This is perfect if you’re looking to give your bedroom a bright and vivid makeover. Watch the video below for further instructions on how to put your rainbow canopy together.

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DIY Rainbow Canopy

6 yards of tulle for each color
Large embroidery hoop
Paracord string
Sewing scissors
Ceiling hook


1. Cut each tulle color into 2 long strips. You can cut along the fold created on the bolt of fabric. The canopy can be reduced to 4 colors (pink, yellow, green or blue, and purple) if desired.
2. Find the halfway point on a strip of tulle, make a loop and pull the ends through around the hoop. Repeat with the other tulle strips.
3. Cut 2 long pieces of paracord string, fold them in half, and tie a knot to serve as a hanging point.
4. Double knot the four pieces of paracord around the embroidery hoop. The canopy will be heavier where the most tulle is tied, so you may want to tie the strings of paracord further away from the heaviest point.
5. Screw in a ceiling hook and hang the canopy. You may want to trim the length depending on the height of your ceiling.

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