DIY Quote Infinity Scarf

This week was a good week! I treated myself to a little shopping spree; I replenished my collection of regency DVDs with 3 new ones: BBC’s Emma, Sense & Sensibility and of course, Pride and Prejudice. If you haven’t seen these, you MUST! The BBC has a caliber all its own; in my opinion, they are the best versions of each of these classics. After watching hours and hours of Ms. Austen classics, the scene that still steals my heart and leaves me breathless is Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Lizzy. It is a genius and heart-wrenching plot twist: she has just found out that Darcy was responsible for Jane and Bingley’s break-up and is full of hurt and anger. No matter which version you read or watch, this scene is always full of passion and angst! It really shows both of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses; you can clearly see how they are equals. In my opinion, every version has got it right: this scene is oozing with chemistry! Sigh.

This week’s DIY is inspired by Mr. Darcy’s first proposal, as well as his second (and more successful) attempt. I love incorporating text into my accessories, and this easy infinity scarf is perfect for the changing seasons. Not only can you hold Mr. Darcy’s words close to you, the addition of the lace and neutral, pastels colors add romance and femininity to any outfit. Here are the two quotes that I used for my scarf:

Oh, boy! And I had to add the second proposal. I’m a total sucker for happy endings, so I needed a reminder that Lizzy and Darcy, despite all the previous animosity and misunderstanding, know each other, each other’s faults and have completely accepted one another.

Feel free to use these quotes or find others that move you!


  • Simple scarf (I used an inexpensive pashmina I had lying around. Mine had fringe, so it’s okay if yours does too!)
  • Lace trim
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • FabriTac (This product is seriously amazing! It is the lifeblood of crafters who, like me, can’t even sew a stitch without getting the thread completely tangled and needle-poked fingers. It is very easy to use and is completely permanent. You can find it any craft store; mine is from Joann’s Fabrics).
  • Iron
  • Large piece of fabric or plastic to lay on your workspace (I used an old shower curtain, but you can use an old bed sheet or even a trash bag – this is just to protect your surface from the markers)


1. Iron out your scarf.

2. Cut off fringe, if your scarf has any.

3. Lay your scarf down flat on a hard surface over the protective layer.

4. Write your quote with the permanent marker. Make it as neat – or “free-spirited” as I like to call it – as you want. I’ve NEVER been able to write in a completely straight line. If you can’t either, don’t fret! Your scarf is going to be wrapped around your neck, anyway.

5. Use the FabriTac to attach the lace to both of the long edges of the scarf. Let the glue dry for 12 hours (or overnight!)

6 .Fold the scarf in the middle, with the quote sides facing INSIDE (towards each other).

7. Glue the two short edges together and let dry overnight.

8. The next morning, rock your new scarf!

A little inspiration: This scarf is perfect for wearing with other neutral colors and simple, clean lines; your scarf will stand out as a personal and whimsical vintage-inspired piece. You’ll always be reminded of Mr. Darcy, even if you’re out shopping with your girl friends or having a mid-day break at your favorite coffee shop. It’s cozy and romantic; perfect for when you run into a cute and friendly barista who made your latte or a handsome, charming man who holds the door open for you. Or even just lounging around with your already-found Mr. Darcy! Remember that you’re Lizzy, strong and smart, completely deserving of the man who’ll love you unconditionally. It’s perfect for the holiday season and would make a great gift, as well!