These DIY pumpkins went from gourd to GORGE

For some of us, carving pumpkins is kinda the worst. You have to deal with sharp objects, getting the Jack O’ Lantern design just right is next to impossible, and let’s not get started on how gooey and wet pumpkins are on the inside.  We still looove decorating pumpkins, but why does it have to be so messy?

If you fall in this group, our go-to crafter, Abbe Drake, has some gorgeous alternatives for you. In this video, she designs 3 *AMAZINGLY* glamorous pumpkins, perfect for your house, apartment or dorm. With just a little glitter, gems and magic, you can have the prettiest pumpkins on the block. They’re so boo-tiful, you’ll want to keep them out all year long!

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Sparkly Heart Pumpkin


Craft (or real) pumpkin
Stick-on rhinestones and pearls (flat-back)
Paper stencil in your shape of choice


1. Tape your paper stencil to the pumpkin.
2. Fill the stencil with different stick-on rhinestones and pearls.
3. Remove the stencil and it’s done!

Black Lace Pumpkin


Craft (or real) pumpkin
Spray paint
Black tights (cut off below the knee)


1. Spray paint pumpkin gold or whatever color desired.
2. Cut off a leg of the tights around the knee.
3. Put the tights stocking on the pumpkin and trim off the extra portion of the tights.
4. Make a bow from the ribbon/lace and glue to the top of the pumpkin.

Sequin Swirl Pumpkin


Craft (or real) pumpkin
Quick drying glue or hot glue
Clear-drying glue or decoupage glue
Sequin string


1. Apply glue to the pumpkin stem.
2. Cover the stem with glitter. To secure the glitter, top with a coat of clear-drying glue or decoupage glue.
3. Use quick drying glue or hot glue to attach sequin strings in swirl patterns starting at the stem of the pumpkin.

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