Step aside, rainbow highlighter — pizza highlighter is taking over our lives

The universe has already gifted us with rainbow highlighter, rose petal highlighter, and Pat McGrath’s sold-out Skin Fetish, so it was only natural that the next one would be inspired by one of our favorite foods. Yes, we are talking about PIZZA! A very creative makeup vlogger named Gina Kay made her own pepperoni pizza highlighter by combining her broken highlighter with shimmer eyeshadows and rubbing alcohol. BREATHTAKING!

You can see the highlighter in all of its glory here. Don’t you just want to paint that on your cheekbones immediately?

Unfortunately, Gina didn’t include a step-by step with her project or say which products she used, but that didn’t stop other makeup enthusiasts by attempting this same, as evidenced by this recent YouTube video from DarkroomGlamour.

Commenters are screaming for Gina to make more pizza highlighters and sell them, but there hasn’t been word on whether or not she will turn her invention into a business. She better hurry, chances are someone else might just snatch this money-making idea right up!

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