These pixilated cards will level up your DIY game

Homemade cards are the best. It’s just a scientific fact.

However, it can be pretty tough coming up with cute card ideas that are actually doable, especially if drawing bubble letters totally messes with your spacial awareness. Instead of applying for a Masters in Fine Arts, grab some paper and scissors; we’re making pixilated greeting cards!

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Pixelated Card


8.5″ x 11″ White cardstock paper
Multicolored cardstock paper or regular paper
Glue stick
Sticker (optional)


1. Cut the white card stock paper to measure 14 cm x 11 in.

2. Fold into thirds.

3. Draw a grid in the center third measuring 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm with vertical lines 0.5 cm apart.

4. Fold in half, taking care to line up the grid halves, and cut along the vertical lines.

5. Cut 0.5 cm strips of multicolored paper using scissors or a paper cutter (use a ruler to make precise measurements).

6. Weave the multicolored strips through the white paper’s vertical slits into a pixelated design of your choosing.

7. Tape the colored strips into place whenever needed (they tend to slide around).

8. Glue the bottom third of the white paper to the back of the heart design.

9. Using the left over colored paper, line up strips, tape them together on one end, and cut into confetti bits.

10. Write a note to someone special, seal in an envelope with the confetti bits, and send it off!

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