People are dressing up pineapples like Christmas trees, and it’s the cutest DIY holiday decoration

As stores fill up more and more with Christmas decorations, we’re definitely getting in the holiday spirit. And we just discovered our new favorite way to deck the halls. People are dressing up pineapples like Christmas trees, and we’re obsessed.

Of course, people always impress us with their creativity around the holidays. Disney World never fails to have amazing Christmas decorations (even if they DO put them up a bit early). But even outside of the theme park, every year, people find unique ways to display their holiday spirit. Whether it’s coming up with clever ways to decorate their small apartments for Christmas — from mini trees to fairy lights — or choosing the perfect Christmas tree for their homes, people continually prove that there’s no shortage of festivity around every corner, literally. And, ICYMI, the annual John Lewis Christmas ad just debuted, which is always a tearjerker, as well as a sign that Christmas is near.

As for the pineapple Christmas tree trend, Mashable reports that it gained popularity last year on Pinterest. So it’s back for another season! And why not? After all, pineapples are much more mobile than six-foot-tall trees. They also seem perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes. They’re so compact, you can even have one in each room of your house, all decorated differently!

To give you some #pineapplechristmastreeinspo, here are some of our favorites from Instagram.

1You can go for one with California vibes…

2…or go for a more simplistic look.

3You can also make a mini plastic tree look like a pineapple…

4…and can add lights to your pineapple tree.

5Presents under the tree are also a must…

6…and don’t forget about garland, too. (How awesome is the starfish star on top?!)

7Maybe you’d prefer to gather up a bunch of pineapples — Costco trip, anyone? — and make an entire pineapple tree.

8Or, you can just use the top of the pineapple and create a mini pineapple-esque tree as a centerpiece.

Whatever way you decide to decorate your pineapple as a Christmas tree, one thing’s for sure: There’s no wrong way to do so. Happy decorating!

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