This DIY selfie booth will be the icing on your birthday party cake

Finding the best spot to take a selfie can be difficult, so making your own DIY photo booth backdrop is a smart way to turn that blank wall in your room into the perfect photo op.

This sprinkles backdrop is affordable, festive, and incredibly easy to make. With some paper and balloons, you can make a backdrop feel like you’re the topping on the world’s most delicious cake. If you’re planning a birthday or other celebratory event (or even if it’s just, you know, Tuesday), get creative with a fun backdrop that your friends and family can use to create all kinds of photo memories.

Watch the video below for instructions.

Sprinkles Backdrop


2-3 yards of white muslin (118 in. wide bolt)
Twisting balloons
Permanent hem tape
Balloon pump


1. You can make 3-4 sprinkles with each balloon. Using the balloon pump, blow up a balloon a little bit and tie it off on both ends. Cut the other end and blow up the rest of the balloon and tie it off. Repeat one or two more times.

2. Put up the white fabric with push pins or other desired method. Steam or iron to smooth any wrinkles.

3. Attach the balloons to the fabric with hem tape. Concentrate the sprinkles at the top and let them taper off on the way down.