This DIY period tracker calendar will make staying on top of your cycle super easy

If you’ve ever used a period tracker app or calendar, you know they’re great tools to make sure you’re not surprised when your cycle comes. Period trackers can be used to alert you when you may be due, but also help keep track of your moods. This DIY period tracker calendar is a fun, customizable way to keep track of your cycle. Using a giant whiteboard, you can make your very own. Hang it in your room and you’ll never forget to update it.

You can add adorable buttons and pins to represent the things you want to keep track of. So if often you crave pizza right before your cycle, you can keep track of (and sate) your cravings. Watch the video below for more examples on how you can use your very own DIY period tracker calendar.

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DIY Period Tracker Calendar


Dry erase board
Permanent marker
Wire cutters
Dry erase markers


1. Measure the dimensions of the dry erase board and plan the size of the calendar. Each month will be a 5 x 7 grid of squares or rectangles.
2. Draw the calendar grids with a permanent marker. You can start by measuring and mapping the lines out with dots, to be sure they are parallel.
3. Using wire cutters, clip off the hook at the back of the buttons.
4. Glue magnets to the backs of the buttons and rhinestones.
5. Write the months and dates with dry erase markers.

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