DIY Paper Flower-filled Teapots

Today’s DIY is inspired by the femininity and romance of the Regency. As a lot of you may know already: everything is better in a teapot! We are going to use a simple white tea-pot as the vase for the paper flowers; it makes the flowers just that much prettier.


  1. Streamers (I went with an ombre effect and chose white, light pink, and dark pink)
  2. Green floral tape
  3. Floral wire (stem wire works better but it’s a little harder to find)
  4. Scissors (and/or pliers)
  5. Ruler
  6. Teapot or teacups (for smaller arrangements)


1. Cut steamer into 24 inch pieces.

2. Fold the length of streamer into a 2-inch roll.

3. Cut the roll into curved shape at the top.

4 .Unroll the streamer and fold in half so that the scallops are staggered.

5. Roll one end of the streamer around the wire tightly.

6. Secure with floral tape.

7. Roll the rest of the streamer around the wire, scrunching the streamer at the bottom to get a fluffy shape.

*You don’t have to be perfect!

8. Secure again with floral tape.

9. Trim the wire to the height of your teapot.

10. Arrange your flowers!

A little inspiration: This is must-make home décor for any Austen fan, hopeless romantic, or just a super girly girl. The teapoot gives your faux-arrangement a special touch. It will liven up any shelf, window sill, or vanity table with a healthy dose of femininity and whimsy.

And customize your colors! Use subdued pastels for a vintage look, all whites for a pristine and clean look, and dark reds, maroons, and purples for an ultra-romantic look. These are also great centerpieces for that party you’ve been planning/day-dreaming about in your head. A friend’s birthday party, a tea party or a bridal shower- you can whip these up in no time at all.