DIY Nail Polish Splattered Purse

I always crave new clothes when the seasons change, and spring to summer is no different! However, my budget doesn’t always permit a major shopping spree, so when in doubt, DIY! This nail polish splattered purse is a really easy way to update an old bag/clutch/purse using supplies that you most likely have already: (drum roll please)…nail polish!

This DIY was partially inspired by The Carrie Diaries – remember her nail polish purse? Use whatever colors you like to make your purse your own artistic expression or use a particular color palette to match with a specific outfit.

Prep It:

  • An old purse
  • Your choice of nail polish color(s)
  • Newspaper or cardboard

(Mummy Snake bracelet from Mr. Kate)

Do It!

  1. Lay your purse on your newspaper or cardboard.
  2. Drizzle nail polish over the purse to get a splattered look. Use one or more color and make sure you wait until it is fully dry before you do the other side or wear it around town!