DIY Monogram Necklace

Personalized accessories are a special way to make your mark on any outfit. From Hayden Panettiere to Pippa Middleton, Tina Fey to Taylor Swift, celebs are crazy about monogrammed initial jewelry and we are, too. So in this week’s LOOK DIY tutorial, we’re paying tribute to the monogram necklace. Make your own version and tweet us @looktv with the results!

Materials (all from Michaels) – Blank pendant settings – Necklace chain – Jump rings – Clasp – Pliers – Charm – Mod Podge – Floral paper – Tiny rhinestones – Foam Brush – E6000 – Silicon tip brush – Scissors

How To Make It 1.Trace pendant and cut circle (Tip: crease paper downwards to find accurate inner edge) 2. Write letter in glue, then add rhinestones 3. Seal with Mod Podge 4. Let dry overnight 5. Use jump rings to attach chain, clasp, and charm


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