Turn your favorite fall sweater into a magical DIY light-up zodiac constellation

“What’s your sign?”

Asking someone about their zodiac sign can help us get a glimpse into their personality. It’s always interesting to look up our sign or our friends’ and family members’ signs and read about what’s to come and why we may react to situations in certain ways. Often, we may even wear our zodiac signs on our sleeves, so wouldn’t it be fun to literally do that?

If you love wearing your birth stone or getting app alerts on your horoscope – this DIY project is for you. Watch the video below to create your own light-up zodiac Sweater. You’ll be star-gazing with a cross-stitch as you map out your constellations. Even better? If you wear this sweater to a party, you can answer the “What’s your sign?” question by just pointing to your shirt.

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DIY Light-Up Zodiac Sweater


Knit sweater
Hole reinforcers
Yarn needle
White yarn
LED string lights with small battery pack
Black safety pins


1. Decide which zodiac constellation you would like to make. Map out the constellation with hole reinforcers.
2. Stitch the design with the yarn needle and white yarn. Knot the end of the yarn on the inside of the sweater.
3. Slip the LED lights into the sweater and safety pin the battery pack near the bottom for easy access to the on-switch. Safety pin the LED string lights in place. Remove them when washing.

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