This DIY light-up unicorn crown will make you feel like fairy realm royalty

A unicorn has been born. At least that’s how you’ll feel once you try on this amazing light-up unicorn crown that you can easily make at home. If you’re a collector of all things unicorn, you pretty much need this crown. And for those of us obsessed with everything royal, you can wear the magic of a unicorn like a duchess’s tiara.

How easy is this light-up unicorn crown? With a few supplies, you can make this in no time. You’ll need white felt to cut out the horn and ears and a headband to attach it to. Don’t forget about a small portable battery-operated LED light to make your horn light up wherever you are. Decorate and add colorful flowers to tie the whole look together.

Intrigued? Watch the video for visual instructions.

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Light-Up Unicorn Crown


White felt
White stiff felt
Hot glue gun
Iridescent pipe cleaners
Multicolored string
LED string lights (with a small battery pack)
Small faux flowers


1. Cut out a cone shape from the white felt for the unicorn horn. Cut another slightly smaller cone from the stiff felt to provide more support and hold the LED lights closer to the outside so they are more visible.

2. Roll the white felt into a unicorn horn shape and glue in place. Insert the coiled LED lights and the smaller stiff cone into the coil.

3. Wrap the multicolored string around the horn and secure with hot glue.

4. Glue the battery pack inside the horn with the on-switch sticking out of the base edge. Cut out a circle from the felt the size of the base of the horn and hot glue it to the base leaving the on-switch of the battery pack accessible.

5. Hot glue the horn to the center of the headband.

6. Cut out ears from felt. Trace the curve of the headband on the base of the ears and cut them accordingly. Glue pipe cleaners around the edge of the ears. Hot glue the ears to the headband.

7. Using different colored markers, draw on the edge of the faux flowers and glue them to the base of the unicorn horn.