DIY Jeweled Statement Flats

Spring is finally here and it’s time to break out the new shoes! Learn how to add some jeweled flair to your flats with this sweet music video style DIY tutorial, on the cheap. For real—we got the shoes and earrings on bargain at Old Navy. We love how these turned out because they instantly brighten up any outfit, from a weekend uniform of jeans and a tee to a fancy wrap dress you could wear at work. Enjoy!

  • Materials You’ll Need!
  • Flats in a solid color (ours are from Old Navy)
  • E-6000 clear adhesive gel from a craft or hardware store
  • Jeweled earrings (ours are from Old Navy), but you can also use an old brooch or necklace
  • Stirring stick (steal one from Starbucks!) for applying glue
  • Cuticle cutters

Make It!
Step 1: Remove earring backs with cuticle cutters
Step 2: Line up jewels on flats as desired
Step 3: Glue on the jewels, but don’t use too much
Step 4: Push down firmly on jewels so the glue makes contact
Step 5: Let it dry, ideally overnight
Step 6: Wear and enjoy

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