This three-part, DIY honey mask will seriously do wonders for your winter skin

Am I the only one who is beginning to look like my entire face is feeling off due to punishing winter weather? If it’s not the dry and icky flakiness, it’s the pimples and greasy skin! Luckily, there are some super easy and cheap DIY remedies that will make a huge difference in your skin’s appearance, with a honey mask being at the top of the list! It’s beyond frustrating to try to figure out how to take care of your skin when the weather is wreaking havoc on it, especially when you don’t want to spend a ton of money, which is why using the ingredients we have on hand at home is just so convenient!

Honey is one of those wonder ingredients that is just pure magic for your skin. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties it does wonders for acne-prone skin, and has been proven to help clear up breakouts! Not only that, but it’s super hydrating and rich, smooths your skin and gives you a real healthy glow thanks to all that delicious moisture which is just what we need when our skin is dry as a bone during these harsh months ahead.


It also unclogs pores AND it’s chock-full of antioxidants that will help to slow down the effects of aging like those pesky wrinkles and age spots. Though in all honesty, I’m quite fond of my smile lines and nose freckles! They can stay. These forehead lines though are the bane of my existence! They can go.


Honey to the rescue! And don’t ask why I’m wearing glasses and look like I’m about to faint. Okay, I’ll tell you: I tore my last pair of contacts so I’m stuck in my glasses for two more weeks, and I was just at a barre class that made me question whether death would be my only sweet release. Who knew it was possible to look both grey and red. But anyways, back to the mask!

The experts all recommend that we use raw honey for maximum effect, so that’s what I’m recommending too! That said, all I’ve got in my house at the moment is some regular ol’ organic honey, which is what I’ll actually be using at the moment.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 tsp raw honey


1/2 tsp aloe vera


1/2 tsp lemon juice


You can get aloe vera at your local health food store, and occasionally some drugstores carry it. I have an aloe plant in my house, so I just snipped off the tip and squeezed out that precious aloe. It is freaky and cool, like so many things are! As someone who burns herself often while cooking, I highly recommend having an aloe plant around in general. They’re super low maintenance and pretty much impossible to kill! But I digress…

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and then smear all over your precious face. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and soak up all those divine nutrients.

It’s a bit goopier than a store-bought mask, so I found that laying down while it was on my face was the most comfortable way to pass the time. That said, I find laying down to be the optimum position for life in general, so you just do you. I could not get a picture that looked like I didn’t have something extremely questionable on my face, so for the sake of my reputation I decided that you can just imagine what it looked like.

The internet does not lie, my friends! (It often lies, disregard previous statement.) After I washed off the honey mixture with warm water and a washcloth, my skin was instantly smoother, softer, and visibly brighter than it had been before. I’m basically as fresh as a newborn babe now.

Even my under-eye circles look better!


I would definitely recommend getting honey into your beauty routine. It performs as advertised and is much more affordable than a fancy schmancy mask that might not exactly give you the desired effect or could have funky chemicals in it that can react negatively with your skin.

Are you big into DIY facial treatments? What’s nice about going the DIY route sometimes is that even if you’re a total beauty junkie and love having store-bought masks and treatments at your disposal, sometimes it’s nice to just whip something up on the cheap!

Whenever I’m in a pinch and run out of sheet masks or my favorite scrub, it’s nice to know I can turn to a homemade recipe that will actually work and is cheap as hell!

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