These DIY snowflake luminaries will turn your home into a winter wonderland

Depending on where you live, when you step outside, it may already feel like winter. Maybe you’re bundling up in a warm coat, fuzzy socks, and puffy boots; maybe you even see snow. Or maybe it’s still blazing hot where you are and you can’t even fathom fuzzy socks right now. Regardless, it’s finally December and the feeling is festive, so it’s time to decorate your home like it could be cold.

These DIY snowflake luminaries are the most adorable way to celebrate the cold without putting any extra layers on your body. Check out the video to see how making snowflakes and adding them to a mason jar can light up your home in the most perfect, wintery way. If you’re not an expert snowflake maker, the video will help guide you. (Fun fact: Paper snowflakes should have six points—but if they’re not perfect, just celebrate their uniqueness.)

DIY Snowflake Luminaries


Glass jars

Spray adhesive


White paper



Snowflake pattern (can be found online)

Glitter decoupage

Flameless tealight


1. Apply the spray adhesive to the inside of the jar, add glitter, and shake the jar to spread the glitter.

2. Cut the white paper into a square. Fold in half to make a triangle and fold in half again to mark the center of the triangle. Fold the triangle into thirds, and then fold once more at the marked center. Pencil in the snowflake design, and cut with scissors. Open up the snowflake.

3. Add glitter decoupage to the jar where the snowflake will go. Place the snowflake and cover with decoupage. Use a blotting motion with your brush rather than strokes to finish for a snow effect. Allow to dry.

4. Place the flameless candle inside the jar.

This holiday craft is super easy to master, so go ahead and turn your home into a glittery winter wonderland with these DIY snowflake luminaries.