These 11 DIY Halloween Decorations Are Easy, Fun and Spooky

Grab a few simple materials to make giant spiders, witch's cauldrons and more spooky decorations.

Halloween kicks off the first of many end–of-the-year holidays, and it’s definitely one of the most fun for decorations. Even the smallest of homes can add some ghoulish flair. But before you run out and buy up a bunch of decorations, check out some of these creative alternatives.

We searched TikTok for some of the best DIY Halloween decor that anyone can make. These will turn your home into a haunted house, a cool witch’s coven or just a funky, fall-themed space to help you celebrate spooky season. Here are the 11 best DIY decorations you can easily make right at home. 

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Floating lanterns

Harry Potter fans will love this spooky twist on the famous Great Hall floating candles decoration. It’s super simple to assemble but makes a big impact for your Halloween guests.

Ultra-realistic ghost

Ghost made from sheets = tired. Ghosts made from cling wrap? INSPIRED. Buy as much as you can, because you’re about to make yourself into a ghost — and it’s going to look so awesome you might just scare yourself.

Super easy giant spider

We’d all love to have that eight foot plastic skeleton from Costco in our front yards, but this giant spider craft is easy to make, less expensive to buy, and will scare way more trick-or-treaters.

Spooky picture frames

This simple Halloween hack can be done in even the smallest of spaces. Just purchase some antique picture frames (or use ones you already have) and replace the photos with Halloween-themed images.

Skull tower

The biggest fans of Halloween will want to make this macabre skull tower for their patios. You can buy most of the materials at Dollar Tree or any other discount store.

Yarn ghosts

Those ghost cuties take no time to make at all, and are the perfect Halloween craft for more low-key households.

Bathroom skeleton bubble bath

Yes, your bathroom is allowed to have Halloween decorations too! This adorable bubble bath skeleton is easy to create and will definitely be a conversation starter at your Halloween bash.

Pumpkin Spice centerpiece

For a Halloween craft that carries over through the end of fall, get inspiration from this sparkly centerpiece. Just grab some pumpkins, some autumn-scented candles and a little fall flare to make it totally unique.

Dripping blood candles

This Halloween decoration hack is so cool! Your guests will definitely ask what the secret is.

Diffuser cauldron

Make the most out of your scent diffuser by turning it into a witch’s cauldron. It gives off the exact effect you need to look spooky, and also fills your home with the best fall scents you can find.

Vampire car teeth

These are too silly not to try. All you need are a few simple materials, and boom — your car could be a guest star on True Blood.

What other crafts are you making this Halloween?

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