11 DIY Halloween decorations you should make this season if jack-o’-lanterns are so not your thing

Now that October and fall are finally here, it’s safe to get into full Halloween mode. For a lot of us, that means decking out our houses with DIY Halloween decor, but if you’re lacking inspiration (and want to take it one step further than just carving a pumpkin for your front door), Pinterest totally has your back.

The site’s 2018 Pinfrights Report is here, and it’s chock-full of the most popular Halloween craft projects that people are loving this year. Before you head down to Target to fill your cart with decorations, you might want to check out this list to see what you can make yourself first.

Here are the 11 most popular DIY Halloween decorations this year—all of which have surged in popularity in 2018.

1. Floating witch hat lights

Not only would these witch lights look super cute on your porch, but they’re also very easy to make. Up 485% in popularity this year with over 5,000 pins, all you need are a few cheap witch hats, fishing wire, and LED light sticks.

2. A dry ice centerpiece

Throwing a Halloween party? Here’s how to use dry ice to create some spooky fog and impress all your guests—and this year, this idea is up 280% in popularity.

3. DIY drip candlestick holder

Speaking of Halloween parties…you can take things up a notch by creating these candlesticks with paint, glass bottles, and candles.

4. Mask walls

Up 95% in popularity, this craft is seriously creepy—and seriously simple. You can freak out just about anyone by hanging neon masks on the walls of a pitch black room, along with a black light and a willing volunteer to scare your guests.

5. Skeleton flamingos

Love flamingos? With this DIY project—which just so happens to be 140% more popular than it was last year—you can create some creepy ones for your yard.

6. Spider egg sacks

Spiders are scary for so many people, so why not make it look like your porch is covered with them? With almost 30,000 pins, this idea is 45% more popular this year.

7. Drip-painted pumpkins

If you want to get more creative than just the traditional jack-o’-lantern, this idea for painted pumpkins is a good starting place.

8. Halloween black cat string lights

Whether you want to decorate the inside or the outside of your home, these adorable lights are super cheap and easy to make, so of course they’re 301% more popular this year.

9. Spooky window silhouettes

The perfect paper craft to do with the kids in your life, this idea is up 147% in popularity.

10. Pumpkin lanterns

You don’t have to carve your pumpkins to get the lantern look—you can actually drill holes in them for a gorgeous effect. This DIY project is up 324%, with 1,400 pins.

11. Halloween wreaths

Looking for something cute for your front door? Look no further than this DIY Halloween wreath pin, which is up 254% in popularity this year.

With these ideas, you could end up having your best (and most well-decorated) Halloween ever. Happy DIY-ing!

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