DIY Grunge Plaid Skirt

Plaid is a fall classic. This old school look has new life thanks to the grunge trend. We DIY’d this skirt to stand out… so get on it!

– XL men’s plaid shirt
– 2 yards black lace trim
– Scissors
– Measuring tape
– Needle & thread
– Straight pins

  • Step 1: cut the shirt in half horizontally (under the arms)
  • Step 2: fold the top inwards so button is 1” under crease, secure with pins
  • Step 3: snip underside to match button hole
  • Step 4: sew underside to top at the button and hole
  • Step 5: use basting stitch across skirt- two inches under top fold
  • basting stitch is a super wide over/under just to hold fabric in place
  • do not tie off the thread!!
  • Step 6: measure hips where skirt will sit, plus about 3” slack
  • Step 7: pull thread to gather skirt until it equals hip measurement
  • Step 8: even out gathered fabric and pin down lace over basting stitch
  • Step 8: sew on lace
  • – be sure to sew through pleats and stop before button and hole

Rock it! It’s too cute styled with a tucked-in black tank or tee.

For more DIY tutorial, follow Look TV!

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