Introducing DIY freckles that last for days. For real.

Last month, we heard about the latest beauty trend: faux freckles. Ladies without freckles are dying for them so much that they’re literally drawing them on their faces. (Can’t help but look at my own freckles and think, “Wow, these are a trend now?”)

However, for those who draw on freckles with pencil, they find that they wipe away pretty darn easily. But now, there’s a Kickstarter for anyone who wants those freckles to be a bit more permanent. That’s right: Founded by Remi Brixton, Freck Yourself sells a kit that allows you to apply freckles to your face that last — self-tanner style.

“There have always been two problems with creating artificial freckles,” the company writes on its Kickstarter page. “First, it’s really hard to create a realistic pattern. Natural freckles have a random pattern & sizing variation, but freckles applied with a pencil are all the same shape of the pencil tip. Second, pencil or makeup freckles smudge really easily. Our product solves both of these problems.”

So how could this possibly work? With self-adhesive stencils. Each kit comes with 72 of them, as well as a “rollerball of formula that is similar in formulation to sunless tanner.”

Although they last two days, if you apply the stencils every morning, you can get layers of freckles that last for four to six weeks. “The patented Freck Yourself formula & application method has been through countless iterations over the last 12 months,” the company writes on its Kickstarter page. “We are confident that this is the easiest application and most effective semi-permanent formula.”

The company has also partnered with Cosmetix West, which makes cosmetics for companies like GlamGlow and Philosophy, so this is some high-quality stuff, if you’re into creating some legit freckles. Or at least, the next best thing to legit. They also want to create an aerosol “freck spray” to put freckles anywhere on your body. So far, the Kickstarter page has racked up $1,796 of their $215,000 goal, so they’ve got a long way to go, but the goal covers their first round of production, and the company has already lined up a manufacturer in Los Angeles.

It’s certainly an interesting turn of events, especially considering freckles once used to be a source of bullying (at least, for me). But now, the trend seems to be stand-out features — think bushy brows. If you want to try out this trend but don’t have the real thing, you can DIY: Either pull out a pencil or donate to the Freck Yourself Kickstarter ($28 to get your own kit, which will be delivered in February). Might as well go big or go home, right?

(Images via Kickstarter, Instagram.)