This simple DIY matcha-infused face mask will soothe dry, irritated skin during this transitional season

No matter what your skin type is, transitional weather can be tough on it. Spring is pretty much here, but in many parts of the country, we’re still suffering from cold winter weather. And the wind and cold can leave otherwise healthy skin red, itchy, and parched. And the lack of humidity in the air, caused by cold air indoor heating, often leads to the dryness that moisturizer alone just can’t seem to solve. Basically, the changing weather wreaks havoc on our precious skin.

If your skin is in need of some extra love right now, this hydrating and calming DIY wash-off face mask — made with only matcha powder, coconut oil, and a few drops of water — might be just the thing to help your skin stop freaking out!

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Matcha powder comes from the same green tea you’re used to brewing in a bag. But, instead of steeping the leaves and tossing them out, matcha is the leaf. It’s made by grinding the green tea leaves into a fine powder that can easily be stirred into a liquid, like a delicious green tea latte, or this face mask I’m about to show you! The final product is high in antioxidants, which combats damage to the skin from environmental factors like UV rays and pollution.

Aside from being super moisturizing, coconut oil also has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, which are great for healing acne-prone skin. The fatty acids in coconut oil help to reduce inflammation in the skin, calming the redness and irritation that so many people experience in the wintertime.

So, when you put these two together, you’ve got the perfect mask to soothe irritated, sensitive, or dry skin! This recipe was inspired by one I first saw on Rafa Natural, but I made a few changes of my own. Side note: Make sure to thoroughly cleanse and tone your face before masking.

To make this DIY face mask you will need:


This recipe is enough for a single mask, but feel free to double it if you plan on masking with someone special! However, I don’t recommend storing this mask for more than a day or two.


Begin by heating a small amount of water.

You don’t need to bring the water to a boil, just make it about as warm as bathwater. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so the warm water will help liquefy it for easy blending and application.

While the water is heating up, add the matcha powder and coconut oil to a small mixing bowl. Then, add just a few drops of warm water to the mixture.


Stir the mixture with a small whisk or a fork, until it’s well-blended. The mixture should be thick and creamy. If it’s chunky or difficult to stir, add just a few more drops of water. If the mixture becomes thin and runny, add some more matcha powder to thicken it up. You don’t want it sliding off your face!


Once your mask is ready, it is go time!

Use your fingers to apply a thick layer of the mask to your entire face. Feel free to apply it to your lips as well as your under-eye area, just be careful not to get any in your eyes! You’ll know you’ve applied enough when you’ve completely transformed into the Wicked Witch of the West.

Let the mask work its magic for 20 to 30 minutes.

When you’re ready to wash it off, use a washcloth and lukewarm water to gently remove the mask. For best results, follow up with a serum, moisturizer, and eye cream to protect your freshly hydrated skin!

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