DIY Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet

Our favorite way to be summer chic is to rock a sparkly arm party. Evil eye wrap bracelets are an easy way to achieve this layered boho look. Celebs go crazy for the Chan Luu version of the wrap bracelet, but you can save yourself a few hundo and DIY it! Fun fact: evil eyes have been used since ancient times to ward off harmful people—now that’s functional fashion. Tweet us @LookTV to show us your evil eye wrap bracelet!

Materials (All from Beads World)
– 1 large evil eye bead
– .4mm round crystal beads (24 of each: dark, medium, and light blue)
– 2 yds thin brown leather cord
– brown nylon beading thread
– 2 crimp bead
– 2 jump rings
– 1 clasp
– 1 chain
– flexible beading needle
– needle nose pliers
– strong tape

How To Make It
Step 1: Cut leather in half
Step 2: Make a loop and pull through both ends of evil eye
Step 3: Secure with tape
Step 4: Thread needle and secure through knot (use about 3 yds!)
Step 5: Tape ends down
Step 6: Weave: under right cord, through bead, under left cord, back through *same bead*
Step 7: Repeat adding new beads until bracelet is complete (we went with a dark-to-light color story)
Step 8: Finish with crimp, clasp, and chain

Now rock it!

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