DIY Embroidery iPhone Case

Embroidery is not just for your grandma! Thanks to some recent designer wares this old-school DIY is having a moment. We took inspiration from style hero Blair Waldorf’s Valentino embroidered bag and applied it to the Free People iPhone case.


  • Free People DIY iPhone Kit
  • – 10 sew on rhinestones
  • – Extra embroidery floss: Red, med. pink, light pink, green, light green, lavender & gray
  • – Beading Needle
  • – Pencil

Step 1: Lightly draw abstract flower shape with pencil
Step 2: Thread needle with red, and create zig zags along line towards center of flower
Step 3: Inside of red, use same technique with medium pink
Step 4: Inside of flower, use light pink
Step 5: Add leaves in dark green
Step 6: Add mini purple forget-me-nots, use gray in center

Now proudly enjoy your one-of-a-kind case!

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