DIY earrings that will add a little extra sparkle to your style

There’s nothing like a sparkling pair of earrings to put the perfect finishing touch on an outfit. No matter how many layers the chilly weather prompts you to pile on, a few well-chosen pieces of jewelry can help you feel chic and put together. Luckily, “put together” doesn’t have to mean, “I spent loads of money on this look.” Making your own jewelry is inexpensive and yes, fun!

This week’s DIY shares the steps for creating a pair of eye-catching, hand-beaded hoop earrings. With some glittering beads and a few feet of thread, you can transform these store-bought accessories into custom adornments.


  • Hoop earrings
  • Small glass beads in three colors
  • Thread in a complementary color to the beads, or clear beading thread (the beading thread is a bit stronger)
  • Thin sewing needle
  • Scissors

Craft away:

  • Cut a couple of feet of thread and thread the needle. Loop the opposite end of the thread around one hoop earring, and knot the thread to hold it in place.
  • String the beads onto the thread, changing the colors in sequences of three.
  • After completing each sequence of three beads, loop the needle around the hoop earring and pass it back through the last bead you just added. This will create a small loop to help hold your work in place.
  • Continue beading and looping the thread until you have gone all the way around the earring. If the beads don’t feel quite stable enough, you can pass the needle back through the beads in the opposite direction to add another row of looping stitches. Once you’ve finished beading, pass the needle back under the thread and tie a knot.
  • Repeat the above steps on the other earring.
  • Slip on your sparkly new earrings with a cute sweater dress or a slouchy top, and enjoy!
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