This DIY disco ball will turn your apartment into a night club just in time for New Year’s Eve

If you’re looking for a special way to bring the party home this holiday season, a DIY disco ball is the easiest thing to make. Consider this perfect for a NYE party with friends or a solo dance party, because dancing at home alone will never get old. The only supplies you’ll need is a paper lantern and bird tape, which is the iridescent tape that will turn your lantern into a disco party. Cut it into strips and layer the tape over the ball for an instant Saturday Night Fever effect.

Watch the video below for visual instructions.

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DIY Disco Ball


16″ paper lantern
Bird tape
Double-sided permanent tape


1. Take a strip of bird tape and cut slits in it to create a fringe.
2. Place double sided tape on the back and tape it to the lantern.
3. Continue taping the bird tape fringe to the lantern until it is fully covered.
4. Hang up the disco ball and have a dance party!

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