DIY Desktop Organizer

It’s that time of year again: we’re all back to school after winter break. I was an art student in school, so yeah, my desk was messy all the time. When it was a new semester, I would always want to clean, start fresh, as by the end of the semester my desk would surely be a maddening unorganized mess without fail. In an effort to keep things in the right place and save money, I would make desktop organizers from wrapping paper, shoe boxes and toilet paper rolls. All things a college student should have no problem locating and spending hardly any money on. When you are in college and you have little money, get resourceful and keep what little bills you have in your pocket. The power of organization is something I have come to respect most in my later years – but believe me, stay organized, as this will help you in college and in life.

What you need:

Step 1: Wrap box.

Step 2: Place in toilet paper rolls and then place pencils, pens, glue sticks, etc into T.P. rolls.

Step 3: Secure rolls with hot glue onto the bottom of the box.


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