Someone came up with a recipe for DIY Butterbeer and it’s as magical as it sounds

The delightful people at the YouTube account “HellthyJunkFood” decided to give a popular Facebook recipe for DIY Butterbeer a try so that we could see how easy it might be for us cooking muggles to create the famous drink ourselves.

ICYMI, back in early August, Time uploaded this sped up and seemingly simple recipe for creating delicious Butterbeer without all the hassle of getting to The Leaky Cauldron.

But sometimes those videos can make difficult concoctions look deceptively simple. So HellthyJunkFood made their own video showing a much more methodical step-by-step process of how one would actually go about creating Butterbeer at home.

Like most DIY recipes that seem so fast when you watch them, this definitely takes a lot longer to do in real life.

The video personalities, JP Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky, joke that, “You figure out how to make it in 37 seconds but it takes like 12 minutes to melt brown sugar.”

But once the hard part up top of creating the melted brown sugar deliciousness is done, it’s pretty smooth sailing with just mixing in some cream soda…


And adding a perfect splash of delectable whipped cream on top.


HellthyJunkFood includes written out directions below their video to help people who may have a hard time following along at home and want to go at their own pace.

They also put what you can expect calorie-wise for this magical treat in the description below.

If you’re wondering, one of these Butterbeers is about 485 calories per serving. But one good round of Quidditch should burn all of that off easily.

While you can get yourself a delicious Butterbeer right in the heart of Diagon Alley itself (if you’re visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Hollywood or Orlando anytime soon), you no longer need to transport into a magical world in order to give these a try.

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